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June 21, 2004


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This posting made me smile. Imagine going to the wilds of the U.S. to discover that they don't put vinegar on their fries ;-) I have to tell you that such is not always the case. Now, if you had ordered fish and chips, most U.S. restaurants would accompany that with malt vinegar. (Mind you, the only decent fish and chips I've ever had in this country was in Maine, but...). I also have to mention that my wife loves her fries with mayo. The upshot? Don't judge us Midwesterners by one visit!

Anyway, seriously, it was good to meet you and again, I am very appreciative of the fine job you did in your presentation at NASIG. You will note if you look at even a few posts of my personal blog that we are likely on opposite ends of the spectrum on many social/political issues, but I enthusiastically support and espouse many of the same themes on which you spoke.

Steve Oberg

P.S. I've travelled extensively in and have friends from most areas of Canada (except, curiously, Quebec). Yeah, we Americans are different, but so are Canadians, depending on the province!


And so are the French: you'd have a hard time finding someone in France willing to put vinegar on their French fries... As for the Quebecois and their "poutine" (i.e. fries with "grevy" sauce, which in France we use with meat only), most French people don't even know that's a possibility!
By order of popularity I'd guess the French eat their fries with 1) mustard, and 2)... Heinz Tomato Ketchup?
One should add that in France the (french) fries are called "frites" and largely perceived as a blend of belgian and american (not french) dishes, thanks to McDonald's...


i honestly think i dont see a diffrence between most americans and canadians .. i am canadian and from most peoples understanding.. we do not .. NOT say eh.
we may say eh sometimes but in diffrent terms...like for instance if i tell my friend to wear a yellow hat and he decides to wear a blue one... i would say .. well i see that you have decided to go with the blue one eh?

we do not say it after every sentence.. as the wrong way intends it..for instance ...

how was your day.Eh?

I just belive we have owr own ways of saying things and we sould understand and appreciate owr own ways of communication.

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