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March 30, 2005


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Chris Runions

This website graffiti idea is quite interesting... It seems to me an ideal use of this concept would be to provide a space in the cyber-commons for "wikidata", wherein users of a web page could provide metadata and subject analysis of a site's content, and edit this metadata in a style similar to the WikiPedia. The death of the professional cataloguer, perhaps, but why fight the inevitable?

Mark Leggott

Good point Chris - one person's graffiti is another person's metadata? I think the potential for facilitating a folksonomy context with this type of tool is quite exciting. Unfortunately, wtih this particular application genre most people think of all that is bad instead of the positive potential. Maybe the growing popularity of the social software movement will finally take this idea into the mainstream.

Chris Runions

Folksonomy, eh? Thanks for the new word. Oh for a day when an idea occurs to me that hasn't already been mined by quicker minds than mine... ;-) Adam Mathes' online paper "Folksonomies - Cooperative Classification and Communication Through Shared Metadata" is a very good read, although I'm sure you've already seen it...

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