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December 28, 2007


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Charlie Rapple

Hi Mark,

I just wanted to let you know about KBART, a working group set up by UKSG following publication of its link resolver report, and which is now co-chaired by NISO. The group's purpose is to improve the interaction (and supply of data, etc.) between content publishers/providers and knowledge base vendors. Whilst we don't expect to solve all the problems to which you refer immediately, yours are very much the sort of issues we are contending with as we seek to provide guidance and education to all parties in the information supply chain.

The group is being officially launched at the ALA Midwinter meeting later this week, so for now there is minimal information in the public domain - but for some more detail see http://www.uksg.org/kbart/.

Once we make our public announcement I will post it on the UKSG's LiveSerials blog http://liveserials.blogspot.com/, and we would very much welcome your comments.

All best wishes,

on behalf of KBART and UKSG.

Jonathan Blackburn

Hi Charlie,

I think this is a great idea and is actually the subject of a presentation that a colleague and I are doing at the upcoming ER&L conference in Atlanta.

We will be discussing some of the current projects involved in serving as open source repositories of E-Resource metadata (thanks for the additional links above), along with some of the options made available by new "semantic web" trends and technologies.

I am thinking here of things like freebase and twine - or any software that allows for a given community to manage a complex set of interrelated data. We also plan to discuss the "open data" movement, which also I think may play a unique role in this whole debate.

I really appreciate your post, though, and hope you might be able to e-mail me (or reply to this comment) with any further thoughts.

I am definitely interested in hearing other's thoughts before we give our presentation.


Jonathan Blackburn

Oops, sorry, I meant "Hi Mark" - I just happened to be looking at the "Posted by Charlie Rapple" link at the time I was composing my message.

Although, Charlie, please feel free to contact or reply as well - I am eager to learn as much as I can regarding this issue.

Tom Pasley

Hi Mark,

Yes, I came to a similar conclusion around the same time, and built a d-i-y resolver and knowledge-base, unfortunately, we still rely on vendors/publishers in the end, and often there's differences in what we think we should have access to, and what is reported... a standard reporting format for holdings/access by publishers would be a good start (think COUNTER but more detail!).

On a related topic, we have "rules" to create links, and I've found this wiki handy:

Tom Pasley

oops - just read [some of] the report recommendations! ;-}

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