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February 27, 2007


Ryan Deschamps

Legends. Slow Library is not another name for Library 2.0. Library 2.0 is mostly about the technology. It is a very smart thing and I think it is the way to go, but they are not the same. Slow Library assumes Library 2.0 is a key part of the technology foundation of any evolving library system, but it is only a part.

Hey Mark, some have claimed that library 2.0 is not all about technology too! It's a confusing thing, but I think before "Slow Library" those of us who saw a need for sustainability/community in libraries (opened somewhat by technological changes) used Library 2.0 to fill in the gaps. Slow Library is a bit more clear in my mind than Library 2.0, simply because it is not cloaked in the language of tech.

Ryan Deschamps

Ooops! The blog didn't except my "blockquote" tag (probably because of a syntax problem). The first paragraph above, of course, is an intended quote from the post.


re: image...um, "we're all bozos on this vw bus"? :) What exactly is the image s'posed to mean?


The pic was taken in front of a country pub in Ireland and is one of my favorite photos. Read number 6 above.


Re the blockquote not showing up - I had the HTML option turned off - on now.

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